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Curse Unravelling

We are energtic beings and live in a world created by our intention fueld by emotion. Our modern society has lost the understanding of our role in co-dreating  our lives and our world.

Words have Power.  What we say and think does affect the outside world in many subtle and not so subtle ways. Just as what others project toward us has an affect on our lives.

It is this enertegic entanglement that has been called a Curse. Some see this as chords of energy linking all interactions. This type of  "Curse" can be something we do to ourselves through negative self talk, or taken on from what others have said. These become negative thoughtforms that we fuel ourselves. This creates and empowers  belief systems and habits based on these negative Thoughtfrms.

These "beliefs" can be passed down thorugh families.  These become ancestral and generational Curses.

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