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Shaman's Flight: Kakasia Shaman at sacred spring. Tuva 2003 Photo by Kent Dorsey



With The Center for Shamanic Healing

The journey over the rainbow bridge is the journey
into higher awareness…

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WALKING THE RAINBOW BRIDGE is a 9-month, non-residential training of experiential and initiatory processes for those who are    committed to being a healing presence in the world. Within a safe and  sacred community we will explore a path of Awakening, Initiation and Empowerment through universal shamanic practices  of direct engagement with Spirit.

   We will use Core Shamanism to build a base practice and  incorporate other traditions to span the many worlds of global spiritual healing to strengthen this base. In order to span the void,  a bridge must have deep foundations of support from both ends.  One foundation to be deeply rooted in this Earth, honoring all Life; the other a deep, powerful pillar built upon an active connection to   the world of Spirit. We will work together to open ourselves and embody a portal or conduit for Spirit to flow into this Earth and manifest change.
THE TRAINING INCLUDES:  Shamanic Journeying to the Upper,    Lower and Middle Worlds; Building strong and trusting alliances      with one's own Power Animals and Teachers; Ethical considerations; Working with Spirits of Nature; Creating ritual; Psycho-pomp and   after-life related work; Working with the Spirits of the Ancestors and Descendants; Shamanism and Divination; Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light; Creation of community and techniques for personal healing.

•    Develop and nurture your connection to Spirit
•    Self-Healing, Healing for others and healing for those
that have departed
•    Discover and set your Life’s Missions
•    Create a Spiritual practice rooted in Honoring All Life
as co-creators on this Earth

You must be committed to meeting once a month for eight months and one 3-day residential retreat weekend (September 2011 - Room and board for the retreat weekend is included). Classes are May 2011 through January 2012.  We will meet on the 1st Saturday of each month, except holidays, when we will move to meeting the following week.

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Rainbow Bridge Terms of Attendance

10:00 AM - 5:30 PM (Subject to change)
 DATES: 1st CLASS: Saturday, May 7,, 2011,
2nd CLASS: Saturday, June 4, 2011,
3rd CLASS: Saturday, July 16, 2011,
4th CLASS: Saturday, August 6, 2011.  
The 5th Meeting is our Residential Retreat. September 16 - 18, 2011.
Room & Board included.  
6th Class: Oct 8, 2011;
7th Class: Nov 5, 2011;
8th Class: Dec 3, 2011;
9th Class: January 7th, 2012
All Dates Subject to Change.  

  I understand that the Rainbow Bridge Training is a series of  nine classes, each session building on the material covered in the previous class meeting. I agree to attend all class meetings.        Tuition is based on the total nine-class series and is not based on class attendance. I am responsible for the full tuition in the    unexpected event of my missing a class.  If I miss a class...   I am solely responsible for scheduling a 4-hour private make-up session outside the scope of this training at an additional fee of
$165, prior to the next months class meeting.  This will include the essential material taught that day, but will not include group discussion, ceremony, etc. The cost is $165 per day missed.  This is in addition to the regular payments.  

CANCELLATION POLICY • On or before  April 30, 2011 workshop tuition will be refunded, less a $50 administrative fee  • May 1 - May 7, 50% workshop tuition refund   • No refunds after May 7, 2011

Next Training begins May 7, 2011 
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      Eight one-day gatherings plus a 3-day  Retreat Weekend

Flexible payments plans available

Tuition Option 1: Paid in Full

($1,750.00 after Sunday May 1, 2011 Late Price)

Tuition Option 2:
$170 Deposit plus: Nine (9) Monthly Tuition Payments of  $170.00

($180.00 after Sunday May 1, 2011 Late Price)

Tuition Option 3:
$575 Deposit plus: Two (2) tuition payments of  $575.00

($590.00 Sunday May 1, 2011 Late Price)

Retreat Weekend room & Board included.

For Registration and Information:
 Kent Dorsey  & Suzanne Savage

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This and all other Center For Shamanic Healing workshops and training programs are offered for teaching purposes only. The Rainbow Bridge 9 - month  training program is not offered for the purposes of providing healing or treating any student or participant for any physical or mental condition or illness. The user of said information accepts all responsibility for viewing and/or using this service.

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